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Solar Panel Installers Installed Solar For Much Less in 2012 & 1st Half of 2013

A new report from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, Tracking the Sun VI: An Historical Summary of the Installed Price of Photovoltaics in the United States from 1998 to 2012, shows that the total price accumulated after solar panel installers were done with their jobs has fallen considerably within the past year and a half. We’ve… Read more »

⅔ Of Solar PV Shipped Within Last 2.5 Years

Do you remember the point when CDs took over and replaced cassette tapes? Or the point when cell phones took over and basically replaced landlines? You probably can’t remember a specific point at which those things happened, but you lived through these technology “revolutions” and can probably remember a few memorable points along the way…. Read more »

Solar Panels — Prices & More

When it comes to solar panels, prices vary considerably. However, when it comes to residential rooftop solar panels, prices are fairly easy to quote. But taking another 180-degree U-turn on this, there’s one more “however” to throw in there — when it comes to putting solar panels on your roof, you won’t find a set… Read more »

75% Of New California Solar Homeowners Are Leasing Solar

The solar leasing trend has certainly taken off. Over 75% of new solar homeowners in California are leasing solar! This finding comes from a new Climate Policy Initiative report on California solar policy and consumerism that includes a comparison of California solar leasing and California solar purchases. The report comes to a number of interesting findings, but the… Read more »

10,000,000,000 Watts of US Solar Power Now Creating Electricity

Within the energy industry, we often write in megawatts (1 megawatt = 1,000,000 watts) and gigawatts (1 gigawatt = 1,000,000,000 watts). Clearly, that makes more sense when writing about such large amounts of power. However, to the average Joe and Josephine, megawatts and gigawatts don’t make much sense — watts and kilowatts are much more familiar. So,… Read more »