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Check out the latest news and events surrounding solar energy and the green energy movement.

Home and Community Solar Energy Prices at All-Time Lows

If you’re considering buying into a home or community solar project in the future, then you may want to do it within the next year or so. Both the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have recently found that home and community solar facilities (“solar gardens”) will remain great price investments… Read more »

New Jersey Solar: NJ May Triple Its Solar Net-Metering Capacity

One of the benefits of owning a home solar power system in a net-metering state, beyond knowing that your house is powered with clean renewable energy, is the ability to sell your excess electricity back to the grid, reducing utility bills and increasing the amount of emissions-free electricity available on the local grid. But solar… Read more »

New Report Shows Solar Helps Schools Save Big

With school budgets stretched thin all over the USA, welcome news comes from the Solar Foundation and the Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative. You’ll be surprised how much money solar helps schools save. The study on solar in U.S. schools, called Brighter Future, has found that nearly 2.7 million K-12 students now attend schools that… Read more »

Wisconsin Solar Incentives & Solar Energy Facts

The state of Wisconsin offers incentives to help people improve energy efficiency, increase insulation in their homes and businesses, and convert to solar and renewable power. Solar power increased in Wisconsin in 2013 by 17%. Among Wisconsin solar incentives are a rebate program, several tax breaks, a loan program, net metering, and property-assessed clean energy… Read more »

New York Shared Solar Program May Make Solar Accessible to Millions

New York’s Shared Clean Energy initiative could make it possible for millions of renters and apartment dwellers to choose solar, even if they don’t own the property or have adequate roof space. Residential solar is a viable means of producing your own power, locking in your electricity costs for the long run, and reaping big… Read more »

Cost of Solar Power in California May Soon Drop

As we’ve explained previously, there isn’t a simple answer to the question of the cost of solar, due to the many different variables that can affect the price of a solar PV array, which go beyond the relatively straightforward costs of the solar panels themselves. But one thing that wasn’t mentioned in our article about… Read more »

US Solar Summit Announces New Steps to Expand Solar Deployment

We’re rather bullish on solar energy, and we’re certainly not alone in that regard, as the news from the Solar Summit held at the US White House demonstrates. Not only are the costs of solar dropping, but the speed of solar adoption is increasing, and with a new round of solar incentives and programs from… Read more »

National Solar Schools Consortium Sets 2020 Goal of 20,000 Solar Installations

A new organization, called the National Solar Schools Consortium, was recently launched at the annual conference of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), with the aim of helping to promote and enable renewable energy in America’s schools. Vision: Every school in America will be equipped to give students meaningful learning experiences with renewable energy. The… Read more »

Iowa Solar Tax Credit Gets Tripled by Senate Panel

Going solar in Iowa may be getting a little more cost-effective, in part thanks to the recent approval of the state’s annual solar tax credit by the Ways and Means Committee. This increase could put more money back in Iowa solar homeowner’s pockets, and allow for residential solar power installations, as well as solar installed… Read more »