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US Residential Solar Outpaces Commercial Solar in Q1 2014

It’s a bright time for residential solar in the US, with residential solar PV installations exceeding commercial solar installations for the first time ever in the first quarter of 2014. The latest US Solar Market Insights report from the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) was packed full of positive information about the state of solar… Read more »

Guess Who’s Leading the US Solar Rooftop Revolution?

One of the more common misconceptions about going solar is that it’s so costly that only those with a high income and net worth can afford to have a solar PV array on their house. But as we’ve shown, solar power isn’t nearly as expensive as you might think, and a new study now shows… Read more »

Cost of Solar Power in California May Soon Drop

As we’ve explained previously, there isn’t a simple answer to the question of the cost of solar, due to the many different variables that can affect the price of a solar PV array, which go beyond the relatively straightforward costs of the solar panels themselves. But one thing that wasn’t mentioned in our article about… Read more »

New Map Compares Solar PV and Grid Efficiency Across US

If you’re curious about the viability of solar power in your location, a new map comparing the efficiency of grid power versus the average efficiency of a solar PV system at locations across the US might give you some helpful insights. For those located in the Southwestern US, with abundant sunshine and heavy dependence on… Read more »

Factors Influencing the Cost of Residential Solar

When considering a residential solar power system, one of the first of many questions that gets asked is, “What is the cost of a residential solar system?” and a similar question, “What is the price of residential solar power?“ It would be incredibly simple to address those questions if there was one single definitive answer… Read more »

White House Goes Solar (Again)

There’s something quite symbolic about putting solar panels on an iconic US government building such as the White House, and although the building went solar back in 1979, during the Carter administration, it was solar thermal for hot water, not electricity, they were generating. And that solar system was removed just 7 years later, after… Read more »

Personal Solar Charger Delivers Full iPhone Charge in 2 Hours

For those interested in getting started with solar power at home, small solar devices can be a great entry point, as the current state of solar charging technology allows for powering gadgets and mobile devices with the sun’s energy, without having to make a big investment. We recently covered a solar tablet charger that was… Read more »

The Ripple Effect of Moms Going Solar

“Meet four great moms who are choosing renewable energy – for their kids and for the future. “What better decision could you have made as a mother?” A film by Francine Cavanaugh and Adams Wood. Part of the Postcards from Climate Change series.”

Cashing in with Solar Power on Staten Island!

From brownfield to solar park: Staten Island’s Freshkills Park will be the home of NYC’s largest solar installation, providing 10 MW of solar electricity and nearly doubling the City’s current renewable energy capacity. Solar power might seem more of a fit in states known for being incredibly sunny, such as Arizona, California, or Hawaii, but… Read more »